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Letter from the Agency

Please read this important update from our Agency

Dearest Clients,

As we approach open enrollment, we wanted to keep you abreast of the changes upcoming for the 2022/ 2023 season.

First, we would like to welcome our new ICHRA plans for small groups. They have been an excellent way to drop health insurance costs and make it affordable for employers to retain group health insurance coverage. We are seeing reductions of 30% – 50% in premiums!

Second, we have already sent out an email blast to everyone under individual medical regarding the American Rescue Plan Act. (ARP) but here is a recap:

  1. Individuals are now eligible for larger subsidies and possibly better plan choices, especially if they have taken unemployment income throughout 2021. We are currently awaiting guidance on 2023 assistance.
  2. People who were not previously eligible for subsidies may now be eligible. It is worth a review.  Those numbers to determine it are now posted here: Quick Cost and Plan Finder (
  3. People have the right to add a subsidy and change plans mid-year in 2021, up to September 30th, even if currently off the marketplace. We want to be sure you can get the most benefit from your plans and Tax Credits so feel free to call the office for a free review if you’d like one.

Third, For Employer Groups and individuals who may have left a workplace with insurance benefits:

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) may affect your Group Health Insurance COBRA benefits for past employees, current employees and persons terminated or who departed due to a lack of work available (eg. Lowered hours or income).

  1. Employers MUST offer COBRA benefits to all past eligible employees from 4/1/2021 to September 30, 2021, including persons who were terminated from as early as 4/01/2020 to present and that premium MUST be subsidized by the employer, at 100%.
  2. There are rules about the people who qualify for this, we suggest you get informed or call us for a walk-through if you have not already. You, as the employer have the right to recoup those costs through payroll taxes.
  3. Employers MUST send out a MODIFIED COBRA LETTER to all terminated employees from as early as April 1, 2020 to present, NOT to people who quit voluntarily (please see guideline if this is unclear or give us a call) and let them know that they are eligible for COBRA with your group health insurance.
  4. There is a model notice for employers to modify for your needs here: Model COBRA Continuation Coverage Election Notice (

You can find out more information about your responsibilities here: COBRA Premium Subsidy | U.S. Department of Labor (

And finally, same as previous years, we found that the longer appointment times were appropriate so we have continued with the same 45 minute time blocks. We will open up the website appointment links for Medicare information starting on September 15th to be available from October 15th to October 30th and Individual Medical for available appointments November first to January 15, 2023 so you can get us the up-to-date on changes in your household, your income, your insurance needs and more via the “get a quote” button as well as set your appointment time with the broker of your choice.

We are grateful to have you as clients and pleased to help you with your individual, Medicare, small group, and large group health insurance needs!  (And much more!)

Best regards for a healthy, happy and affordable 2022 and 2023!

The Staff of A+ Smart Health Insurance Agency