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Letter from the Agency

Please read this important update from our Agency

Hello and Happy 2023/ 2024 enrollment!

A note to our clients and prospective clients about 2024 Health Insurance changes in the individual market:

First, we would like to tell you how happy we have been with ICHRA plans for small groups. They have been an excellent way to drop health insurance costs and make it affordable for employers to retain group health insurance coverage. We are seeing reductions of 20% – 45% in premiums!

Second, our newest carrier Select Health is going to be available in 2024.  They are offering a network that encompasses UCHealth (Anschutz) and Children’s Hospital doctors.  This could be life changing for many people who needed to choose between two carriers for two separate family members and now can protect their finances better with one single policy.

Third, ConnectForHealthCO has finally fixed the “Family glitch” in their application process.  Families that have Group plan dependents are easier to cover now with a tax credit available if they are not offered monies by the group employer for their dependents.  (Yayyy!!!)

The big surprise, Denver Health/Elevate is working with Peak Health Alliance to offer coverage in the Mountain Areas.  We are still waiting for network updates to determine usability but we are hopeful.  We will let you know what we see for guaranteed docs, hospitals and facilities once November first hits.

A note that Individual rates look like they will be up a small amount, but Tax Credits to offset that went up more in many areas.  There has been an expansion of Cost Share Reductions too, which is the secondary Tax Credit that makes a Silver plan a possible Platinum value, many will see better plan choices based on lower/ mid-level income numbers.  It is worth a look!

And finally, same as previous years, we found that the longer appointment times were still appropriate so we have continued with the same 45 minute time blocks for clients with reviews needed.

We will open up the website appointment links now for you to book:

Medicare appointments and small/ large group to be available from October 15th to October 30th


Individual Medical appointments November 1st to January 15th, 2024

so you can get the up-to-date on changes made to your household, your income, your insurance needs and more via the GET A QUOTE button as well as set your appointment time with the broker of your choice.

That link is here or you can find it on

We are grateful to have you as clients and pleased to help you with your individual, Medicare, small group, and large group health insurance needs!  (And much more!)

Best regards for a healthy, happy and affordable 2023 and 2024!

The Staff of A+ Smart Health Insurance Agency