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Health Insurance Quote Disclaimer

This information constitutes a short overview of how our
health insurance brokers are able to assist you with
Connect for Health Colorado and determining if you possibly
qualify for a subsidy.


Our agency stands firmly with Connect for Health Colorado in offering subsidies to those who qualify for a subsidy. We feel it is worthwhile to go through their program if you stand to gain a significant financial benefit.  Understanding those risks and parameters is very important.  If you feel that our basic explanation does not give you enough clarity, we recommend that you pursue your questions with your tax professional or other licensed advisor.

We understand that health insurance in the United States can be an ever-changing landscape and has been visible in many heated debates. Our job is to offer you knowledgeable information on what your options are with the laws, the way they are written now. We are not involved in politics and do not offer private opinions regarding political happenings as part of our company stance. Our promise is to provide you, our current clients, additional concrete information when and if the laws do change, in a timely manner. 

As you are filling out the Health Insurance Quote Form, you will be asked if you are interested in discussing whether you and/or your family are eligible for any premium assistance programs. To determine if your household may qualify for a tax credit or subsidy, please see our F.A.Q. section for details. Together, we can decide if applying via Connect for Health Colorado may be a good option for you and for your household.

If you think you may be eligible but are not sure, answer “Yes” in the Premium Assistance section and fill out the Income Information section, and our brokers will help you decide whether you should apply. Our summation, for your best benefit, is made with complete and accurate information from you—regarding your finances, your household size, and who may be present on your taxes as well as a complete list of doctors, medical conditions, and medication that you may be using. Please be as accurate and truthful as possible.

By clicking “Accept and proceed” below, you understand and agree to the following:

If you choose to apply for any premium assistance programs via ConnectforHealthCO: 

Our brokers and administrative staff are trained to direct you to Connect for Health Colorado, so that you can login and complete your application for PEAK (Medicaid) to gain a determination of benefits. Our office is not responsible, nor can affect the outcome of your potential decision from the Department of Medicaid (PEAK).

Please also be aware that, despite our best efforts, often Connect for Health Colorado has errors that can affect your eligibility for a subsidy, your eligibility for insurance, your current insurance policy and if it’s in effect, and often does terminate policies without the policyholders knowledge or notification to either the policyholder or the broker. Please see list of qualifying events here to determine if you may be able to purchase health insurance outside of open enrollment.

If you choose to apply directly with the health insurance carrier, with a broker’s help:

If you choose to apply with the carrier directly, without using Connect for Health Colorado, we are not able to assist you with a new financial application, outside of Open Enrollment, based solely on a financial change, partway through the year, if you do not complete it initially during Open Enrollment.

You may still be able to apply if you have a different qualifying event—for example, getting married, moving from county to county or state to state, adding a dependent, or being divorced.

Please see here the list of qualifying events that give you an opportunity to change your insurance or possibly change to a subsidy should the need arise.

It is our pleasure to give you complete information and to be of service for this upcoming year. Open Enrollment this year has been relegated to a short window starting November 1 and ending December 15 for all January 1 effective dates.

We know this is a lot of information to take in and as always, we want to be sure that you are well informed.

To continue, click “Accept and proceed”, fill out the form, and schedule an appointment with one of our agents.