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Medicare Supplement

Plans to Pay for What Medicare Does Not Cover


At age 65 and beyond, we are able to purchase Medicare Supplement policies to go with our Part A and Part B Medicare benefits from the department of Medicare.

We here at A+ Smart Health Insurance do offer Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage for care at 65 and beyond as well as in special circumstances. Please contact our office for a review of what you need and to see if we can change your price point for the same coverage… for the better.

Medicare Open Enrollment:
October 15 to December 7

If you would like get a quote, comparing multiple carriers, click the button below or give us a call to contact our office and set an appointment, so we can discuss your needs and find the right policy for you!

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We know that the window for signing up for a new Medicare Supplement may be short. If you would like to sign up on your own, we offer a quality policy with the lowest prices in our area from Mutual of Omaha. CLICK HERE.