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Group Plans

For Large or Small Groups


Employee Insurance Required by Law

We understand that many groups don’t know that they are legally required to offer health insurance to their employees starting January 2014. Let us help you understand what these new laws mean to your group and help decide, if you need it, what type and level of coverage you need.

Helping You Find the Right Plan

Small businesses have many options for major health insurance here in Colorado, but the costs may be prohibitive if it is not shopped properly. We recommend a short discussion of what is available for your size group, followed by a full analysis to help you make your decision. We can also assist if you would like to see if you qualify for a tax credit and if it is worth purchasing your coverage through the marketplace.

Getting a Group Quote

We typically begin by reviewing your census to determine what kinds of health insurance are open to your business. To get your group quote, please fill out the group census form. You will need to include specifics, such as your company name, type of business, employee’s first name (you are welcome to substitute a number as well), zip code, birthday, gender, whether the employee is including spouse and children and if so, their birthdays and genders. Please include all employees, even those waiving coverage.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us directly, and we will tailor a plan to fit your needs!

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